Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The continual erosion of our Constitution

As I continue to study the history of our great country, I am continually disgusted by the erosion of our Constitution. As with our tax laws we have become experts at finding loop holes. This needs to stop. "Well Bush did it" is no longer a valid excuse, and I believe in time we will see that, Mr. Bush made some foolish choices for political reasons. But we must also as a nation look at the previous four administrations, and the damage they did as well. It's time to put politics aside and focus on the issues that are important to America, our economy and our safety. We need to stop looking the other way as Corporate America rapes our middle class in the name of capitalism, and stop allowing special interest groups to dictate our military policy.
As far as our tax policy, our Founders made it very clear that we should all be taxed at the same rate. They also made a sharp distinction between groups with money and power and individual rights. You can not tax the individual who makes the most money more than the individual who makes the least, but you ABSOLUTELY can tax the corporations at higher levels and allow the corporate boards figure out how to increase profit. I would be inclined to believe that a reduction in bonus salary would be the result. This policy allows the free markets to regulate income and not the government, but constitutionally accomplishes the same goal of increased tax revenue.
As far as the War in Afghanistan, our generals are military experts, allowing people like Nancy Pelosi or our Vice President to advise our President in any way is dangerous. What experience do they have? Do we go to an auto mechanic to find out whats wrong with our cars and then let the local barber advise us on how to fix it ourselves? We have two options, give our generals the troops they need to do their job, or pull out and use the troops to secure our borders and cities. The same way Michael Moore hates capitalism, the nations that have not been blessed with wealth hate the United States, this will never change regardless of the charisma of our leaders.

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Elizabeth said...

I agree - the Founders probably did intend for us to have one tax rate. They also intended for black people to count as 3/5 as a person and be owned by whites, for only white men to count as votes, and so on. Just because the Founders intended something is not in and of itself a good reason to keep doing it.